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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Can't be helped

I'm resorting to desperate measures: I've just created a blog for to house the clip art pictures and help sheets for our library portal. I'm doing this because there's nowhere else for them to live: the council's switching content management systems and they're not allowed on the new system because they don't meet corporate branding requirements. So I created the blog.

Then found that although I can log in and create entries, including a sheet explaining how to log into some of our remote resources, we can't read them at work. It turns out that blogs fall foul of the council's internet frivolity filter and so are forbidden fruits. I can receive fifty-nine emails a day offering me a bigger dick, viagara by the barrowload and a share of the ill-gotten gains of sundry crooked politicians in third world countries but I can't read blogs. Ah well. "Can't be helped," I hear myself say to myself.

"Can't be helped?"

"Can't be helped?" Of course it bloody can. I'm writing help sheets we can't read because I'm not allowed to put files on my own server "for security reasons" and because I'm not allowed to add new pages to the library service pages to the content management system or use pictures in the pages that do exist.

What on earth am I doing with my life?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice when we discover we're not alone?
We have a fantastic facility on the council website which will speak the pages to you. Not just the text, but it can do the links separately. All very inclusive and thoroughly in the spirit of the DDA.
Sadly the sound is generated as an mp3 and - you've got it already, haven't you? - downloading mp3s is against council policy so they're blocked. Presumably blind and partially-sighted staff are some sort of security problem?