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Saturday, September 30, 2006

With my shovel and my pick and my lamp and little wick

I once went down a coal mine. It took considerably less time than it takes our lift to go up two floors. It's this slow so as not to frighten old dears who may worry that they are falling to their doom. Instead they panic that they'll never escape the damned thing. Today it's playing up: as well as being phenomenally slow it's shuddering about like a jelly in a hurricane.

I mention it to Seth the caretaker. Apparently the nylon casing's worn off one of the wheels on the cabin. The engineer says its safe but needs replacing for a smooth ride.

"Should we let people use it?" Seth asks.

"It's up to you," says the engineer.

"It's up to you," says T.Aldous.

Which in both cases means: "whatever happens, you're to blame."

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