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Friday, September 15, 2006

Up in the air and down in the dumps

A colleague shares an internal email:


I've had several folks report hearing phone calls to elevators over the last few weeks.

The elevators have emergency phone lines so you can call out in case you're stuck in an elevator.

The phone lines are set up so that the monitoring company can call you back if they get disconnected.

So, if someone else happens to dial that number, they're going to get to talk with whatever random staff member happens to be in the elevator at that time... annoying the poor staff member and confusing the heck out the person who's calling.

I wasn't terribly worried about this because the phone lines for the elevators aren't part of the (number) groups, so folks aren't going to get transferred to them accidentally by us.

Unfortunately, the $#*%&(*#&$% phone company has messed up. If someone calls Directory Enquiries and asks for this library, they're given the phone number for one of those elevators! Argh. I've got a call in to the phone company to fix the problem.

And it's an hour before I can go drink some lunch. :(

More when I know more.

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