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Friday, September 08, 2006

Captain of the space ship

I've upset Himself. I emailed everyone to tell them not to email visitor stats to Jessie as she's left. I also said that I'm not doing anything with the stats as all year I've been trying and failing to get a decision as to what needs doing.

"Kevin, why have you sent this before asking me? This is unacceptable."

"As you haven't replied to any of my questions about this there didn't seem any point. The whole subject is unacceptable."

"Emails need to be sent to Jessie's PC for continuity."

"Sending emails to Jessie won't send the statistics to that PC."

"Your whole tone is unacceptable."

As I was busy mucking out the debris after Wednesday's system crash (while I was on leave my non-existant oppo did a lousy job of preventing a simple server crash becoming a wholesale corruption of the borrower file) and he'd also just dumped a load of auditor's questions in my lap I thought my tone was quite reasonable in the circumstances.

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