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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Mutinies Mondays and Fridays

T.Aldous is being his usual supportive self on the job evaluation front. Latest game is for him to insist that library assistants don't do stock editing.

"So what is it I've been doing for the past five years?" asks one.

"It's stock maintenance," answers T.Aldous.

"Repairs and binding? So you're saying that I don't go through the stock on the shelves to see which are falling to pieces, which haven't been out in years, which are old and tired, or which have been defaced inside; and that I don't withdraw them from the catalogue? And you didn't tell me to pull all the stock that's more than ten years old and you didn't see me with a trolley full of old books which I was withdrawing on the computer? Is that what you're telling me?"

"You're being far too sensitive. I'm trying to be constructive so that there isn't any confusion during the evaluation interview. And you don't 'assist with book selection,' either..."

"So I didn't do a stock profile of this library, go on a visit or buy £15,000 worth of books then?"

T.Aldous had the last word. Just as he was leaving he collared the Counter Supervisor.

"We must do something about the stock editing in this library, it's a mess."

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