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Friday, August 11, 2006

I'll repeat that...

A gentleman has been found in the children's library at Catty with his flies open and salacious material on the people's network terminal.

It's his second offence in a week and staff want to ban him from using the computers (and ideally from using the children's library!) T.Aldous insists that this cannot be done for legal reasons without the proper evidence. T.Aldous' standard of proof is so rigorous as to be beyond the limits of CSI (though if Marg Helgenberger does want to pop around in one of those T-shirts I would be a very happy man).

The focus shifts... instead of our taking action to persuade this pervert to behave himself we're now having a witch hunt to find out why the filtering system let through some naughty pictures. On my desk I find a note to this effect in T.Aldous' fair hand. Mary discretely removes the copy of The Children Act I put on T.Aldous' desk before the idiot comes back from lunch.

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