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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tonight, Matthew, I shall be Edmund, Earl of Warwick

A guest entry to the songbook, with apologies to Innes

Listen to the calendar,
It's getting way past April.
We don't know what we're doing or what for.
How can we get away with
Shambling day to day?
We don't have clouds and smokescreens any more.

You know that thing that you've been doing?
Well, it's not important.
Although everything's a top priority.
And everything is all-fire urgent,
Needed yesterday.
But will we ever use it? Well, we'll see...

Reality is scratching on our doorstep.
The bogeyman breathes on the window pane.
The year half gone it finally dawns on us
It's library business planning time again.

So will we know what's needing doing
And just how to do it?
It is assumed but really I'm just not so sure.
Planning how to talk about it
Is a plan too far.
Seems we're not business planning any more.

The cold winds blow and we lie unprotected.
Rudderless, we float the stormy tide.
Overstretched staff, we see strains are showing
And managers just in it for the ride.

Listen to the tolling bell, it tells of cuts approaching.
What should we keep? What can safely let go?
What priorities to work to?
How are they resourced?
If we don't know by now we'll never know.

If we don't know by now we'll never know...


Madame DeFarge said...

I shall hum this at the office tomorrow as I wander through the groves of Whitehall. Or Whiteshed as it reduces in size I suppose.

Macy said...

Hang on in there... only another 5 years to the next election...

Pat said...

That's impressive.

Warden Files said...

A catchy ditty, and one that must be upheld if we are to grow as a nation united.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Madame DeF: You have my deepest sympathy. At least we have an additional couple of layers of uncertainty to protect us.

Macy: we have the distinct impression that all the Con/Dem councils are embarking on a scorched earth policy prior to next year's local elections.

Pat: I'll pass on the praise, Pat, ta.

Warden: you hang in there m'lad.