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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


A conversation between Jack Harry and Bronwyn:

"Bronwyn, we're getting a lot of complaints about the state of the biographies at Catty Library. They could do with some new stock."

"Yes, I know. I think I've worked out which libraries I need to swap with so that they all get a decent lot of fresh books."

"Why don't we just order a pile from the non-fiction budget?"

"There's no money in it now it's been cut."


Pearl said...

Oh, there's no new tales to tell anyway...


zmkc said...

Soon the finance people will insist on going the whole hog. Taking a leaf out of the book of Nurse Myra's local librarians in Surry Hills, Sydney, who tell her there's no need for a reference section now, they will make a great leap forward and get rid of reference and all non-fiction. It's only a small step from there to clearing out the fiction shelves as well and thus finally ridding the place of all those maddening books. They will, of course, keep their account books and strategy papers and financial planning documents, displayed in nice neat box folders in the entrance hall.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Pearl: every day's a re-run and the laughter's always canned.

zmkc: I'd be happy for us to get rid of our reference section, it's an embarassment! (Good rant btw)

Lynne said...

My congratulations to Bronwyn for her efforts to creatively manage the current crisis!