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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Robin Hood's Bicycle Division

Some more midget gems of current thinking from the reference library shelves:

  • Great Britain: House Of Commons: Employment Commitee :Youth Employment and Training: New Training Initiative (June 1982)
  • Reorganisation Of Public Elementary Schools In England And Wales 1937-38
  • Better Schools (1985)
  • The Internal Purchasing Power Of The Pound (1989)
  • Who Publishes Official Information For Business And Industry? Proceedings Of A One-Day Seminar 20 Sept 1988
  • Financial Services In The United Kingdom: A New Framework For Investor Protection (White Paper) (1985)
  • Employment For The 1990's (White Paper)
  • Commercial Property Development (1975)
  • Broadcasting In The '90s
  • 2nd Report Of The Committee: A Comparison Of Transition Temperatures Determined By Small And Large Scale Tests On Five Steels (1960)
  • A Simple Guide To Basic Processes In The Iron And Steel Industry (1964)
  • The Queen's Award To Industry. Report Of The 1970 Review Committee
  • Session 1987-88 Fifth Report The Future Of The National Health ServiceFirst Report From The Social Services Committee Session 1985-86: Reform Of Social Security
  • The Artificial Kidney... What It Is And How It Works (1965)
  • Europe: A Time To Choose, Elections June 1984
  • More Examples Of English Handwriting With Essex Parish Records Of 13th - 18th Centuries (1950)
  • Aids To Identification Of Flying Objects (1968)
  • Collectable Silver (1963)
  • A Policy For The Arts (The First Steps.) Cmnd. Paper 2601 (1965)
  • A Brief History Of The National Gallery Of Scotland (1961)
  • Local Government Reform: Short Version Of The Report (1969)
  • Battle For The Counties: Guide To The County Council Elections May 1977

There'll be a little more stock-editing going on this Autumn, I think!


Macy said...

Can I have the guide to identifying flying objects please?
Nothing much seems to change in the world of UFO design, so an old copy won't matter..

zmkc said...

You're such a knocker - item no 10 alone should send Dan Brown packing in the twinkling of an eye.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Macy:these are identified flying objects - an aeroplane, a helicopter, some starlings, that sort of thing.

zmkc: I know, I know. There's a degree of hypocrisy lurking here, seeing as I'm a habitue of the gaslight end of the second-hand bookshop market. But there are things that shouldn't be passed off as reference books