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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Pointing at darkness

Being a servant of the people I am not allowed to say anything that may be construed as being politically partisan. I suspect that I am allowed to be alarmed a tad at the onward rush of the New Age Of Austerity and the strategic leaks about the council's financial position that each add thirty million to the figure leaked five weeks previously. In ordinary circumstances one would suspect that these are a softening-up exercise so that when we discover that we are only to have two limbs surgically-removed and not three we'll be overcome by relief and grateful for the last-minute rescue by sundry financial wizards.

Last week, looking at the cardboard cut-outs of shop interiors gracing the shop windows of Inkerman Street and the latest closing down sale of a charity shop in The Arcade, I wasn't so sure. I'm even less sure on sober reflection.

The Machiavellian in me wonders if the ruling parties have decided that they're going to get a kicking in the next municipal elections so they're going to leave scorched earth for the incoming administration.

The observational scientist in me wonders how Helminthdale Council will manage to make the cuts without the savings.

The rationalist in me thinks I should start buying Lottery tickets.


Macy said...

Looking on the bright side, central government could always abolish Trident and introduce a wealth tax on those of "us" with assets over £1m like France...
Nah...higher probability of your lottery ticket coming up..

Britta said...

Dear Kevin,
I like your formulation „being a servant of the people“ – that’s what I am too in the big Ferderal Agency in Germany I am working for. ;-)
And I like “Yes (Prime) Minister”:
‘I (Hacker) explained that the money is not the Treasury’s, it is the taxpayers’.
“That is one view,” Humphrey acknowledged. ‘But it is not the view the Treasury takes. Not once they have got their hands on it. (…) „Taxation isn’t about what you need. The Treasury doesn’t work out what it needs and then think how to raise the money. The Treasury pitches for as much as it can get away with and then think how to spend it.”

This being said I opt for the lottery – such a safe bet in these uncertain times!

Pat said...

How we laughed at 'Yes Minister.'
We're not laughing now.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Macy: no, you're right, it's all going to happen, honestly!

Britta: Hi again. In truth, the Treasury tries to get as much as possible and then doesn't let anybody spend it. I often suspect that the country would be better run and in a better financial state if HM Treasury were abolished. (Apologies to Madame De Farge if it turns that that's her home ministry!)

Pat: "Yes Minister" doesn't really apply these days, it's far too structured and ordered. "The Men From The Ministry" is probably closer.

zmkc said...

If you do buy lottery tickets, never buy more than one - it is a lapse of faith to hedge your bets and buy half a dozen and, if you don't have faith, you will definitely never win. Not, of course, that you will win anyway - but at least I'll have saved you quite a lot of money along the way.

Kevin Musgrove said...

zmkc: this sounds like a plan