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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

All the little birds go whistle and tweet

No comment...

11.05am 21st Feb 06

Does today's conversation mean that the ten grand for reference subscriptions is now available to spend too?

1312 21 February 2006

Is that the management system software?

1:16pm 21 Feb 06

No. If you remember, it's the money for online subscriptions that I was begging for the other week when I was trying to take advantage of the MLA's negotitated price for Oxford Online.

1003 22 February 2006

Oh yes. My apologies. I'd put that up as a budget saving. If you still want to use it you'll need to get the orders in today.

10:21am 22 Feb 06

It's a tall order. I'll get the details of the stuff we need to you a.s.a.p.

1137 22 February 2006

Cheers Kevin.
Does Warner Baxter know about all this from your point of view?

11:37 22 Feb 06

Not yet but he will.

1145 22 February 2006

Thanks Kevin

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