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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

They tried to stop owls wearing duffle coats

(after Taylor and Lane)

Working all the day inside the library.
Trying hard to think of things we do.
And when the focus shifts to some folk
We've simply
No clue.
Some folk deal with customers and help them.
Some arrange for an event or two.
But some don't serve or plan or buy or somesuch,
So what do they do?

They'll walk around and round with just a pencil.
And they'll tell you
Just how busy
They have been.
But when you look around in their bit of the library
No evidence of work
Is ever seen.

Change is coming in, we can't avoid it.
Harsh winds of business sense are blowing through.
If they will pretend that
It's not happening
Then what will
They do?


zmkc said...

I shall treasure that post heading - and the song is good too (the pencil bearers who don't manage to hang on to their jobs might like to consider setting up in competition with this guy: http://www.artisanalpencilsharpening.com/)

wendy house said...

They will chew their pencils, nodding knowingly
Then provide data on (in)efficiency
To people who make decisions
without reference to value or visions

Pat said...

I didn't know it,
That you're a poet.

Happy Frog and I said...

Let me be frank
or should that be blunt?
Why continue this pointless stunt?
To waste others time is never clever,
but not getting found out
should have been their endeavor.

Major Tom D'Omo said...

Would you do me a favor Kev and clue me in as to what song this is? All I found by Googling is "Taylor Lane and Company is proud to provide outstanding services. We are experienced in the entire spectrum of head to toe treatments." Which sounds like they work in my field.

Webrarian said...

Not just a pencil, but a clipboard too. But the eagles are gathering and they have their prey in sight.

libby said...

Ah but you see the 'pencil people' are everywhere and seem to have an invisible cloak around them which protects them from the rules and regulations and bollockings that rule the lives of us the workers....and after a time they are promoted and are involved in 'projects' and fanny about even more 'being important'....which is good for us as they feck off out of our way........

Kevin Musgrove said...

znkc: I shall treasure that link!

Wendy, Pat and Happy Frog and You: :D

Major Tom: it's a New Year song; think Martini

Webrarian: quite so old lad, quite so

libby: yup, been there :)

brokenbiro said...

Hello! I'm just browsing here... nice blog! ...but pray explain the owls and duffle coats heading? I'm relatively new to working in a library - is it some sort of initiation ritual I should be warned about?