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Monday, January 31, 2011

I never knew what Goering had against the chip shop

So where were we?
  • We're having a clean-up to meet the fire regulations, so the fire escape corridor is full of bookshelves, boxes, fire buckets and bits of old wood.
  • Bronwyn, the nearest we have to decorum, spent a morning stomping round the office muttering: "couldn't they make this fucking thing any more complicated?"
  • Milton is going round the place doing a more than passable impersonation of me.
  • Frog has spent a depressing couple of days mapping out which children's centres, Surestart centres, nurseries, playgroups and literacy groups are being chopped due to "efficiencies."
  • Sybil is being required to write a "what I do in my work place" essay.
And so on. Business as usual really.


libby said...

This making us all efficient and lean and all the other malarkey is very sinister....and depressing.... Oh how I yearn for the days of my youth.....bloody hell how old does that make me sound?
Shall we just ignore those in charge and carry on regardless?

Happy Frog and I said...

It sounds like a version of the Breakfast Club. I hope it ends up with a happy ending.

Macy said...

Sounds like it's time for someone to start a rousing chorus of "We're all in this together"

Pat said...

If decorous Bronwen uses the f word can I follow in her footsteps?