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Friday, May 14, 2010

There's something about the dead, lifeless eyes the waxwork just can't capture

My God, is it only Friday? I thought it was at least November.

What can we say? It's all just business as usual really. Half our libraries are off-line because of a faulty network switch at Umpty. Roadkill Library would ring us to let us know he network's down there, too, except that their 'phone is voice over IP and goes down with the rest of the network. What's online might as well be off- given the amount of use we're getting of it ("busier than ever!") Members of Library Policy & Strategic Management Team (this week) periodically emerge blinking into the Spring sunlight like so many chartered tortoises and mingle amongst the milling minions just long enough to drop pieces of work into people's laps and then run away. There is talk of reorganisation of departmental heads and senior managers. And of library closures. And of why there won't be any library closures. And that there is no money about. And that there will be a massive programme of new municipal buildings to turn each any every one of the old county boroughs into Pennine scale models of Karnak and Heliopolis.

A missive or epistle from the Town Hall says that the Bobbing Up & Down Team are looking at alternative governance models for the council's services. Including worker co-operatives effected by senior management buy-out and devolution of powers.

I waste so many cups of tea that way...


Madame DeFarge said...

And we have the new prefects in charge here too. All of whom want to know where the toilets are and why there's so much toilet paper being wasted so wastefully.. But we are yet to uncover the full extent of their desired changes. The ones that'll make them look so different to the last lot.

Pat said...

I'm wondering if one can waste toilet paper economically - but it's the mood - I'm in which utterly relishes you title and also:

'My God, is it only Friday? I thought it was at least November.'

Larry Olivier got the dead eyes marvellously as Archie Rice in 'The Entertainer'
Do you remember Max Wall? He was another.

Unknown said...

I think I was there, when the internet broke. It crackled before fizzing into the distance like a November 5th rocket. But I can't be sure so I'll write a report with recommendations in it, that will make me feel useful, for at least a few minutes

Happy Frog and I said...

Our IT department in their wisdom decided to link the computers with the phones. When everything went down earlier this week I used my personal mobile to call them. They said they would be sending out regular updates on email and hung up. *Sigh*.

Kevin Musgrove said...

Madame DeF: you have my every sympathy. They usually change the tog rating of the MPs' loo paper, to give themselves a sense of achievement.

Pat: oh yes. Max Wall could actually be terrifying at times!

Wendy: attagirl, I knew we could depend on you.

Happy Frog & You: this further convinces me that there is a training course for this sort of idiocy. And they get paid better than me for completing it.

No Good Boyo said...

We've just replaced our service desk with basically me and a bunch of luddite journalists. People who have any technical problems out of hours get to ask me what they should do with their J drive. The physiotherapist's never been so busy.

Kevin Musgrove said...

That's the spirit Boyo!