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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peekaboo! I can't see you
Everything must be grand

Library Policy & Strategic Management Team (this week) continues to impress. Amongst the gems so far this week are:
"We don't have to do a business plan this year, so you'll know our business priorities."

"No we don't manage the resource base of the library service. Though we could empower you to control those resources if we wanted to."

"You shouldn't be asking us to provide a lead on whole service development priorities. What's the point of us having specialist officers if they won't take responsibility?"
And the perennial favourite:
"I'm not going round asking people if there are any problems. There are more than enough problems as it is without going looking for them."


No Good Boyo said...

I've been asked to volunteer to attend a meeting to discuss "collaborative working". I'm nights, otherwise I'd have worn my Pierre Laval tie.

Pat said...

The last one makes sense to me.
I don't really understand the others but I left before the Sixth Form.

Webrarian said...

I don't understand any of them. What's a business plan?

Kevin Musgrove said...

Boyo: can I borrow it off you? I'm scheduled for another meeting with them next week.

Pat: some of ours left before they started handing out the school milk.

Webrarian: you've been reading CILIP's management guidelines again, haven't you?