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Saturday, July 22, 2006

There actually is something more petty than petty cash

Priceless. As if we don't have enough problems just keeping the doors open T.Aldous sees fit to play divide-and-conquer and team disruption games again. Katie, the counter supervisor at Helminthdale, is phenomenally upset. Our Fearless Leader's told her that as she doesn't do the petty cash like the supervisors at Catty and Dutch Bend she's likely to be downgraded by the pay and grading review and that the only way to avoid this is for the supervisors to be rotated on a regular basis.

Utter crap.

As the petty cash is just one of a score or more time-consuming pootling little administrative jobs given to the supervisors it isn't much of a factor in the review and certainly not enough to treat that post any differently to those elsewhere in the Borough. And all of the supervisors are underpaid for the responsibilities laid at their door by largely irresponsible senior managers. All that rotating the supervisors would achieve would be a maximal disruption of the teamworking of the library front line.

Which would suit T.Aldous' mania for micromanagement just fine.

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