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Thursday, July 13, 2006

An amiable weakness of human nature

Stock-editing again. If we didn't have stock-editing I don't know what we'd do for feckless confusion. T.Aldous, panicking about Public Library Standards and the fact that we are officially overstocked by about 50,000 items, keeps going around saying that he wants more stock editing to be done.

"It's essential that we get all the old and tatty books off the shelves: it helps us with our performance targets and it also makes the libraries look better. What's the point in buying lots of new books if you can't find them for old rubbish?"

So far, so fair. Unfortunately, he's also going around saying that none of the people who are available to do the stock editing should be doing it. A few of us have tried to gently make the point that the "professional" posts he says should be doing the stock-editing have been vacant for years and that perhaps these posts could do with filling. You might as well kick a carrier bag in a wind tunnel.

The latest to-do is at Windscape, where last year's inspectors tried to pick a copy of "The Gruffalo" from the shelf and accidentally removed three yards' worth of children's fiction which were packed together like sardines. Lola has removed one small box of children's fiction (as much as she could do in the half hour available to her this morning) and there are already complaints about the library being denuded.

"Are we being lined up for closure again?"

asks an assistant.

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