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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A prickly little soul mate

As milestones down the road to Perdition go this one's notable: Bronwyn Fazakerly, one of our most easy-going and professional branch assistants, has just had a stand-up row with Julia about a library assistant called Lizzie.

Bronwyn and Lizzie are working their socks off to get Tench Lane Library ready for re-opening p.d.q. (the library's been closed for repairs since January). Yesterday Lizzie turned up an hour early and instead of hanging round doing nothing until the official start of hostilities she got stuck in with the work. Acknowledging this, Bronwyn suggested that Lizzie leave half an hour earlier so that she can get the quick bus home instead of having to wait twenty minutes for the one that goes round the houses. Unfortunately, Julia bumped in Lizzie in the bus station. "What are you doing here?" asked Julia (Lizzie could fairly ask the same question as they work the same hours). Lizzie's explanation didn't satisfy Julia who called Bronwyn in for a bollocking this morning.

"I call the shots here, not you,"

says Julia. Splendid.

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