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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Heaven only knows

Frog's in high dudgeon. He's been trying to finalise the arrangements for the summer holiday activities (it's delayed in part by his being off ill a while; part by pressure of work which is getting silly; and part by his spending so much time trying to get permission to buy some book tokens to give the winners of the Easter Egg Competition ). Just at the point where he knows what's happening, where, and that he's got the wherewithall to do it, T.Aldous chucks a spanner in the works: there has to be three holiday activities at Mattressbrook, despite the fact there's been no library at Mattressbrook for years.

"It's politically sensitive," says T.Aldous.

I expct the fact that Mattressbrook will consequently have one more holiday activity than any of the main libraries and two more than most of the branches and will contribute nothing towards any of our targets will register not one blip politically.

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