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Wednesday, February 21, 2007


How to get the best out of your staff: T.Aldous has just been in at Dutch Bend for something or other (who knows?) and, as usual, he had to have his Parthian shot. As he was going out he stopped at the counter, turned to Daisy and said:

"It's about damned time you sorted out all those donations in the back office, it's a disgrace."

This is doubly unfair as all staff have been instructed that while they must accept donations nothing can be done with them due to pressure of work caused by staff vacancies (in one case the post's been vacant three years); and as last year T.Aldous swore blind to a Pay and Review Evaluation Panel that Daisy didn't have anything to do with processing donations.

The icing on the cake came as one of the customers witnessing the incident approached the counter, winked at Daisy and said:

"I guess that's you told, then."

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