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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Enterprises of great pith

Dagmar Braithwaite again. Obviously not as busy as she would like us to believe.

"What's the point of only transferring small numbers of books? I thought we were going to be transferring all the stock around. Mind you, I don't want any rubbish from Dutch Bend. Any time they send me any of their books I always make sure to send them the same number of my books, otherwise I won't be able to fit everything onto the shelves."

I now have enough experience of the inanities of our stock editing processes and procedures not to suggest that she get shut of some of the old stock on her shelves. I limit myself to the following:
  • We only got the system this week

  • There's only one of me

  • Mary and I are planning on building a wholesale rotation of large-print books a.s.a.p.
Not good enough.

"Well, I don't see the point," says Dagmar.

No. Probably not.

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