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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Sale of the Century

The big row early this morning concerned the lending library. T. Aldous wanted to move everything out of the entrance and fill it with boxes of withdrawn books for sale, brought over specially from the cellars of Milkbeck Library. Disregarding the fact that these boxes of books were in the cellars because they'd been in every booksale in the past eighteen months and not sold, T. Aldous saw this as an opportunity to gain some income. "Just think of all the people who'll be coming," he said. All dying to pick up a few over-priced dog-eared paperbacks, no doubt. The lending staff were furious as they'd spent two days tidying the area and putting together a display of Richard & Judy collections. Needless to say, T. Aldous won the day and the displays were carted off to make way for six trestle tables and a score of orange boxes full of tatty old stock. Still, it gives the right impression.

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