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Monday, September 05, 2005

Gone but forgotten weekly

Mary Dunroamin's on holiday this week so everyone else is copping for T. Aldous' little foibles. Once a week T. Aldous asks Mary for the stock withdrawal figures for the last financial year for "the report we've got to submit." Once a week she gives him the figures. None of us have a clue what the report is, nor when it is submitted. The one sure bet is that if it's real it must be late.

In Mary's absence, the accession team have been getting the demands because they're in between his office and the coffee machine. "I asked Mary for the withdrawal figures for the report we've got to write and she didn't give them to me," says T. Aldous. A new member of staff panics and starts searching Mary's desk for the figures. "Don't worry," the others tell her when she can't find them. "Mary's given him these figures at least three times in the past month. If Mary's not in, he comes and asks us. Ask Kevin to run the report."

I duly ran the report, which isn't complete because it won't include any stock that's not catalogued (let's not go there). It's given to T. Aldous. Two hours later he's heard to tell someone: "I'll have to ask Mary for last year's withdrawal figures for the report we've got to submit."

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