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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Frog's been doing the story time for a school class visit at Epiphany Library. He's been telling them the story of The Fox And The Crow.

Unfortunately, the children of Epiphany are not entirely in tune with nature. And in the local dialect, "a crow" is a particularly crusty bogie. Hence all the cries and groans of "uurgh!" from the audience.

This has got us thinking. Frog's decided that for one of his next puppet workshops he's going to show the kiddies how to make Billie The Bogie. We reckon it would be easy enough to make:

  • Turn small green Marks & Sparks carrier bag inside out.
  • Smear liberally with glycerine.
  • Stick up nose.
We reckon it's a winner.


Happy Frog and I said...

You'll have health and safety onto you! Genius though, really!

Lynne said...

Little boys may grow up, but they do not change!

Pat said...

I'll bet you were a horrible little boy. Like the one who used to put rabbit poo in my desk.
I still love you though:)

Kevin Musgrove said...

Happy Frog & You: ta. We'll let you know when we've scheduled the workshop. :)

Lynne: grow up? us?

Pat: ah... ta

zmkc said...

I think you should be trying to civilise them, not encourage them, but I haven't seen them in the flesh - presumably it's a lost cause?