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Saturday, April 29, 2006

I'll have to grit me teeth when he goes on about his hernia

Writing a blog is a phenomenally self-indulgent pastime. Unashamably so in this case. If I'm to tell the truth this blog's just a way for me to get as much bile as possible out of my system before this damned job has me cracking up again. So I'm writing this for myself.

Having said that, I'm curious to know who, if anyone, reads this and why. How believable is it? Honestly, although you won't find "Helminthdale" in the Municipal Yearbook the stories are true: 90% come from one library authority, about 9% from a nearby authority (must be something in the water) and the remainder are a hotch-potch of systems administrators' campfire stories that wary colleagues have consented to be published. I dearly wish that some of the
other stories could be published somewhere, though. Perhaps when we've all been pensioned off.

In order to pander to this unaccustomed sociability on my part, just for this week I've switched the "comments" option on. I expect I'll come to regret it. (-:


Laura Jesson (Mrs) said...

That nice Miss Tablet, the Librarian of my local Boots Booklovers' Library, told me that she'd heard the girls in our local Public Library read your pages avidly every week. Miss Tablet is hooked, and now so am I.

She told me that the Public Library girls thought they were alone in dealing with the little irritations you describe, and were delighted to discover it was not the case.

She said she'd also told her librarian friends in Australia and the USA about it, and now they are hooked as well.

Tiddlypom, in OZ, said...

I Lerve "Helminthdale" the address was sent to me by a librarian friend of mine in the south of England. He tells me that all the staff at his branch read it before they start their day, AND they suspect they know who writes it.
Like all good booklovers, I've read you from cover to cover and even the dustjacket bits too.

Tiddlypom, OZ, said...

Oooh, I forgot. Nice Knees;)

Duncan Disorderly said...

I always read your pages when I'm in Ceefax Central Library which is part of the borough of Bufoville.
I while away an hour or so while I await the opening of the "Plonkarama Fine Wines Emporium". I'm senior buyer in the wine department of our local independent store, Hurveys.
I also write a column for the local Ceefax Courier under the pseudonym Sir Osis of the Liver.
I can vouch for the authenticity of the stories of Helminthdale, having been the Early Years Incontinence Manager for Bufoville Library Service until the situation drove me to drink and, funnily enough, my current position.