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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The first cuckoo of spring

A bloke from the Residents' Association popped into Panama Street Library this morning and told them that they're going to be closed. This is an annual event: every year the council decides it's going to close a few libraries. Every year Panama Street is in the frame. This guy's popping in to tell them is one of the signs and portents of spring, like snowdrops and singing wood pigeons.

Every year the black spot is flaunted. Every year everyone gets up in arms. The service is put into stasis — no development is allowed "because it might close this year." Senior management gets tied up in meetings with community groups, councillors, Uncle Tom Cobley and all to justify a decision that's been made on the back of an envelope by a director or a cabinet member. There'll be the usual press campaigns. Staff will be disrupted. Customers will be disrupted. Trade will be disrupted.

Then, four months later, nothing will happen.

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